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Fun Days

Our Fun Day and Family Day packages are specifically designed for corporate groups and organisations. They include a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities with entertainment designed to amuse, entertain and thrill guests of all ages and physical abilities.


Aerial Archery

Introducing the World's first automatic trap capable of throwing aerial moving archery targets. Participant's simultaneously shoot at specially designed 'clays' for one of the most exciting archery experiences available.

ufo electronic game


UFO is a 6 player reaction game suitable for all ages. Each console starts with PRESS BUTTON in its LED display. When pressed a 15 second countdown starts giving time for players to join in. Console buttons illuminate and a player must press the lit buttons to score a point. Pressing a non-lit button deducts points. After 30 seconds the game stops. Brilliant fun and ideal for teambuilding.

rodeo bull

Rodeo Bull

For the ride of your life, experience the thrill of the rodeo. Electronically controlled and surrounded by an inflatable bed for safety. Suitable as a stand alone attraction or in conjunction with a Wild West theme party or team building event.
Area required 20' x 20' x 15'

its a knockout

It's A Knockout

It's A Knockout offers constructive challenges for the participants and brilliant entertainment for the spectators! There are several show formats to choose from with entertainment lasting between one and four hours. All shows include, props and inflatable obstacles, arena PA, winning team trophy, show crew and a compere.

human table football

Human Table Football

Human Table Football is ideal for team building or any event wanting a competitive theme. Two teams of 5 are attached to the horizontal poles, which slide from side to side. The game is usually played over two ten-minute halves and includes a referee.
Area required 60' x 40'

penalty shoot out

Penalty Shoot Out

The object of this game is to score as many goals as possible by kicking the football through the scoring holes. Generally each player is allowed five attempts to achieve the maximum score.
Area required 15' x 15' x 15'

inflatable volleyball

Inflatable Volleyball

Play volleyball on this full sized inflatable court. Two teams of 5 and games lasting between 10 and 15 minutes make this an ideal game suitable for team building. You can try all the acrobatic and exciting moves you never dared to attempt before.
Area required 50' x 35' x 15'

human gyroscope

Human Gyroscope

This ride originates from NASA training equipment to prepare astronauts for zero gravity. This dare devil ride spins participants in every direction on its own axis - giving the ultimate thrill.
Area required 15' x 15' x 12'

laser clay shooting

Laser Shooting

Using converted 12 bore shotguns fitted with an infra-red laser beam, up to 5 participant's can simultaneously fire at 'clays'. Their scores are individually displayed on the giant electronic scoreboard as a hit or a miss. Suitable as a stand alone attraction or as part of a team building activity.
Area required 60' x 30'

john wayne shootout

John Wayne Quick Draw

You are equipped with an authentic colt 45 that has been de-activated and now fires an invisible infra-red beam. When the eyes of John Wayne turn from green to red, draw your gun, cock the hammer and fire, before John Wayne shoots you!

bungee run

Bungee Running

Bungee Running (Twin Lane). Participants wear a body harness and run against a fixed bungee cord aiming to place their marker as far down the course as they can. Ideal for competitions and promotions and great fun to watch!
Area required 40' x 15' x 12'

giant scalextric

Mini Racing

Skilled staff using computerised scoring and game management ensures a challenging tournament with 'Murray Walker' style commentary that adds to the excitement. This is a mobile service that can be set up almost anywhere, with tracks that are specially built to club racing specifications and 8 Lane Racing.
Area required 19' x 9'

remote controlled football


Miniboots is a 3-a-side Football game where players drive a radio-controlled boot on wheels. Teams stand at consoles on opposing sides of the pitch. Teamwork, tactics and skill are all needed to push the ball into the goal. All age ranges and skill levels enjoy this game and to add to the fun the boots have names and characters.
Area required 14' x 7'

giant sumo

Sumo Wrestling

Giant padded suits and a crash mat make this a totally safe activity and great fun to watch. Sumo Suits are highly entertaining at any event for both spectators and participants. After transforming into Sumo Wrestlers, two contenders have to try to force each other out of the circle.
Area required 18' x 18'

climbing wall

Climbing Wall

This is a two-person computerised climbing wall which rotates, tilts and spins simultaneously. The skilled operator can alter the machine to suit the ability of the climber making it a totally safe and challenging activity for all ages.
Area required 15' x 15' x 15'

asault course

Assault Course

The assault course consists of a variety of obstacles to climb over, through and under. Various lengths to suit most venues are available and sizes range from 100' to 250'

high striker

Strike it High

Test your strength with Strike it High. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use. Ideal for promotions, exhibitions and fun days.
Minimum height required is 10'

fun casino

Fun Casino

Fun Casino, complete with a full team of professionally trained and elegantly dressed croupiers and a range of authentic gaming tables with options that include Roulette and Black Jack.

Review ★★★★★ 
"Hi there! hope you are well...and have fully recovered from Sunday's 'bash'! Thank you so much for all your hard work - without your help the event certainly would not have been the outstanding success that it was...Major praise received and FAB reviews (Ray please do pass on our sincere thanks to all your team and entertainers)."

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